a new beginning visionary original art

A New Beginning Visionary Art 02 Leaving Earth

A New Beginning Visionary Art 02 Leaving Earth

A New Beginning Visionary Art Leaving Earth

This is a new series of visionary art. 
Travel Log 02 December 4th 2017 

I received an email today. Intriguing and timely. Just as I was thinking of finding some other place to live, a place of sanity, sitting in front of my computer, checking email,  I see these words. "Come with us, to the future, travel to the place beyond your reality!" 

There was a button that read "ACCEPT" and I pushed it. Then I waited. Night came and nothing happened. I went to bed, I fell asleep and as I woke up I found myself on a craft high up above the earth. Sneaky I though,  I am being abducted. I saw thousands of other crafts, all went out into space and earth was getting smaller and smaller. This it is. I took a deep breath and readied myself for anything. A feeling of great calm came over me and I KNEW I had nothing to fear.  This, I whispered is "A New Beginning"!

(Text & Images Copyright Author: Ginette Callaway 2017 Not to be republished without author consent)

This is 02 from my travel diary started in December 2017

A watercolor and ink original painting

ORIGINAL Watercolor & Ink Painting on Watercolor Paper

Size: 24 x 18 inches  (60.96 x 45.72 cm)

Signed : Yes front & Back

This is an ORIGINAL Painting


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Almond Blossoms Watercolors Paintings

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Almond Blossoms Original inspired by Vincent van Gogh

My humble version in watercolors and ink inspired by one of Vincents van Gogh's paintings. I always love how he depicts branches, His earthy and grounded approach of painting texture of bark and the movement on the branches. It is something study and appreciate.

I used a  similar palette then Vincent. Keeping it earthy. I used my ink wand watercolor style for this  homage. 

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