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Fine Art Original Paintings Watercolors and oil Painting Ginette Fine ArtThis website is the base of Ginette Fine Art that was started in 1999 when I, Ginette began to sell my art online. I started to paint professionally and wanted to make it a full time business. Which I did with Ginette Fine Art LLC, in Georgia. From here I promote my art.

I was born in France, lived in France and Germany and moved to the United States in 1987. I dabbled in writing songs and music, especially since I worked for CBS Records in Frankfurt Germany before I came to the US.  Eventually some events occurred that stirred me toward visual art, it is what is most rewarding. Over the years, I expanded and now have many of my art pieces available as fine art prints, and various product and I am proud to say, I am also part of the DENY DESIGN Company who has some of the most contemporary home decor products available today.

Creativity was always in my blood. Painting and creating my art is my priority, next to my professionalism in regards to conduct toward my collectors i.e. customers. That is why it is important to me to talk in the first person and let you know that when you purchase my original art you will deal directly with me, the artist. My sister website is ginettecallaway.com where all my original paintings are listed for sale, I link to it often with discount codes and promotions, so don't forget to visit daily or subscribe to my newsletter. All my sites are up on the latest security standards and save to browse and shop.

Today as a professional artist, I paint because it makes me perfectly happy. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else, all the time.  To have a blank piece of paper or canvas, to use to create my own world, my own vision, my own interpretation of something I saw, see or feel is just about the most fulfilling and exhilarating thing I could do. So that drives me to paint.

That is the best way I can describe why I paint. What I paint is what is interesting to me. That can be a landscape, a flower, a thing, a memory, an animal, if it interests me I paint it. ~Ginette I have more extended information and bio on my ginettecallaway website CLICK HERE

Contact & Business Information:
Ginette Fine Art LLC

P. O. Box 699
Lovejoy, GA 30250
Ph.: 678-369-0049

Sister site: https://ginettecallaway.com



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When you shop Ginette Fine Art,  you will deal directly with me, Ginette Callaway.

You may also purchase my art prints 
You may also purchase my original paintings on ginettecallaway.com 

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