Lemon Garden Blossoms and Bees Original Watercolor and Ink

A whimsical rendition of Lemons and Bees in my Garden of imagination.

This is an Original Watercolor and Ink Painting


One Dollar Painting Promotional

One Dollar Original Oil Painting Promotion by Ginette

GinetteCallaway.com is running a fun promotion. 

See this painting ? This is an original oil painting. It is listed on ginettecallaway.com but hidden.

1 Dollar Painting Promotion

1 Dollar Painting Promotion


How can you get this painting?

  • Visit ginettecallaway.com
  • Create account and/or log into account
  • Use search on ginettecallaway.com, guess the title of this painting, if you guess right, the painting will be visible.
    Whoever finds it first, can get it for One Dollar plus $10.00 shipping. United States ONLY!

    The painting is only visible to those with accounts, are logged in and subscribed to newsletter.

  • Good Luck!


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