Contact Ginette

Contact Ginette

Thank you for showing interest in my art. If you have questions, concerns, suggestions or simply want to pay me a compliment, this is the form to do it. Contact Ginette which is I, means you will talk directly to the artist.

For your information: Yes I do commission or custom paintings.
I paint these mediums, watercolor, ink or oil. So if that is what you are interested in please include some specifics like the size of painting, the medium, watercolor or oil, and how quickly you need it. So I can already give you some specifics and a price quote in my answer.
I don't do people portraits. Ah sorry!  I am very good in location paintings, like Italy and France, Charleston South Carolina, Florida, Texas and if you have a great picture I will paint from it. All this can be talked about in our emails, if you decide to go for it.

If you are looking for art prints here is a direct link to all my print galleries

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Contact & Business Information: Ginette Fine Art LLC P. O. Box 699 Lovejoy, GA 30250 Ph.: 678-369-0049 Sister site: