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About Ginette Fine Art Ginette Callaway Torman Artist Painter Impressionist Contemporary Art

I was born in France, lived in France and Germany and now in the United States. To describe me in two words "Renaissance Women"

Creativity was already in my blood. Today as a professional artist, I paint because it makes me perfectly happy. I simply cannot imagine doing anything else, all the time.  To have a blank piece of paper or canvas, to use to create my own world, my own vision, my own interpretation of something I saw, see or feel is just about the most fulfilling and exhilarating thing I could do. So that drives me to paint. 

That is the best way I can describe why I paint. What I paint is what is interesting to me. That can be a landscape, a flower, a thing, a memory, an animal, if it interests me I paint it. ~Ginette
I have more extended information and bio on my ginettecallaway website CLICK HERE

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