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Selling art online since 1999

I was born in France, lived in France and Germany and now in the United States. To describe me in two words "Renaissance Women"

In 1987 I immigrated to the US. with limited English skills. Obviously after almost 30 years in the US, language is not a problem anymore. It took me about two years to become fluent. I traveled a winding road, but arrived at my destination, full-time "Artist" for lack of a better word soon after arriving here in the US. There is little I would rather do than paint. I love to travel, see interesting places. I love to enjoy nature, quiet places, and observe animals which gives me much pleasure. Growing flowers and of course painting them. I like to read and have to admit I do most of my reading online where I can make the letters bigger.  I read about science, medicinal plants and world events. I basically like to learn something new every day.  I work on my art full time. This is how I  make my living. I have been  selling my art online since 1999. Originals and Prints.

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Katherine T. / Verified Buyer /04/05/17

Hummingbird Paintings oil ImpressionismSee this painting Hummingbird on Flowers
Beautiful. Incredible use of color and movement. I want to dream of being in that field surrounded by flowers. I commissioned a sister print to be able to fill my office with this symphony of colors. Thank you, Ginette.
You are such a beautiful soul.

Walking The Dog

SOLD Art Walking

March 21st 2017 Buyer Comment: "The watercolor/ink painting Walking the Dog on a Perfect Day beautifully captures the idyllic setting of a young boy and his pet. It reminds me of my son with our first dog, in that innocent time of life. It is adorable. My spouse, who generally has little, if any, interest in art, has commented on numerous times on how much he likes the artist's work." Maria L.


Texas Hill Country Beautiful

Longhorn resting in bluebonnet Field SOLD 
Oct. 30th 2016 Buyer Comment: I purchased this painting as a special present for a close friend, who is an alumni of the University of Texas. I am a native Texan, and my friend has lived in Texas for several decades. So, this was a very personal choice, which did not disappoint. My friend, also an art-lover, says it's the most special gift she's ever received. ~ Charlene Coffield


Collector’s Comment

ITALY RIOMAGGIORE CINQUE TERRE TRAVEL MEMORIES Christina F. / Verified Buyer / 07/20/15 This lovely impressionistic watercolor piece is a pleasure to view! It evokes the colorful beauty of the city that bears its name with a style and creativity all its own. The charm of the boats in the harbor and the walkway up to town set in the hillside along the rugged shore line represent the realistic town while the buildings, hillside and patio lines and shapes give this piece a unique charm. Beautifully done! Read Less

Collectors Comment

On SOLD Crimson Moon Over the Garden of Good and Evil Large Impressionist Original Oil Painting by Ginette Callaway Angela Schreiner / Verified Reviewer / 07/20/14 Beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!! This painting is gorgeous and probably the most interesting painting that I’ve ever purchased from Ginette. The colors and textures are amazing and I find myself staring at it regularly. The photos of her oil painting are wonderful but I’m always impressed and surprised how much better they are in person- really stunning. This is probably the tenth or so painting I’ve purchased from Ginette but I’m sure I’ll continue to a collector of her artwork in the future. Read Less

Collector’s Comment

ROME ITALY SAINT PETERS BASILICA WATERCOLOR PAINTING Aaron M. / Verified Buyer / 09/15/15 Excellent Product Beautiful watercolor, colors were more vibrant than the online photo. Fast shipping with a personalized note from the artist. It is currently being framed for a surprise gift for my wife. It's a beautiful piece.

Collector’s Comment

EVENING IN POSITANO ITALY Victor S. / Verified Buyer / 09/16/15 Positano encapsulated perfectly absolutely loved this work the moment we saw it. She was wonderful to work with.

Collector’s Comment

BEARDED IRIS VIGILANTE Christina F. / Verified Buyer / 06/22/15 This dramatic dark light contrast piece of Bearded orange Iris is just stunning! It takes over a room in a wonderful way; it's partly abstract nature makes it more moving; the colors, washes and subject matter are phenomenal and it is an amazing work of art!